Aronsol; City of the Hamakei

One of the most ancient of the races on Elysium, the Hamakei are the undisputed masters of the magical arts. The Hamakei are a solitary people, preferring to study their magic than spend time in a tavern, and in ancient days it was not uncommon to come upon lonely towers in the desert, a single Hamakei living within them, perhaps with an apprentice or wife. However, the repeated attacks of the Hakarren spoiled this way of life, and for their own safety the Hamakei were forced to group together, building the massive city of Aronsol, constructed of many small towers around one gigantic tower. From this city, with the aid of their defensive magics, the Hamakei barely managed to survive the Hakarren wars, but prospered afterwards, the city allowing them to pool their magical spells and resources and lift them to even greater feats of power.