The Elysium Credit Purchase System

Elysium now accepts paypal purchases of credits. To purchase credits at a cost of 5 pounds sterling per 250 credits using paypal, please enter your character name in one of the spaces below and press the 'buy now' button underneath the relevant character number field. If you wish to split your credit purchase between multiple characters there is an instructions field you can put details of this in when you make a payment, or you can contact Gralnak in Elysium.

Character Name (250 Credits)

Character Name (500 Credits)

Character Name (1000 Credits)

Exchange rates vary so you should check the current exchange rate before purchasing if you are concerned.

When you first start playing Elysium, you are given 20 free credits. Credits are used only to learn skills in between playing sessions; Playing Elysium normally is free. You may view how many credits your character has by typing 'credits'.

Before purchasing credits, you should type 'help terms' within Elysium, and read the terms of play shown.