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The Guilds of Elysium

Guilds are organisations within Elysium who focus in a particular area of learning, each guild specialising in three core skills, their members being able to learn the abilities in these skills more cheaply than when learning from less experienced teachers. You can choose to join a guild either to learn their skills, or with political ambitions, with the possibility of raising to the position of guild head if you are dedicated enough.

As well as their three chosen skills, each guild has its own set of tutors, and often a guild house for members to relax or study in. Each guild is based in a particular city, but the leadership of the guild will be able to deploy tutors in other cities or locations throughout Elysium, so although it is easier to join a guild local to your home city, you can choose to join other cities if you wish.

There are currently sixteen guilds in Elysium;

The Forest Guardians - Dedicated to nature and protection of the forests, this guild teachers a mixture of nature based skills and magic, and is based near the Elven city of Tylorus, on the continent of Polaris.

The Dark Magi - A guild which teaches dark magics, the Dark Magi focus heavily on summonables, both minions and weaponry. It is believed the Dark Magi have a guild house in or near Karinthia, also on Polaris, though it would not be commonly discussed amongst the citizens.

The Night Weavers - Another guild with a focus on dark magics, the Night Weavers use a mixture of summoning magics and more direct mentalism abilities to exert their will. The Night Weavers are based out of Thul'Mar, the capital of the Specter people, on the continent of Orien.

The Knight's Guild - A guild of noble fighters based in the Human city Karinthia, on Polaris, Knights learn to fight both with weapon and fist, and on foot and mounted. They are known for taking good care of their mounts, which are not always common horses, and forming strong bonds with them.

The Rogue's Guild - A secretive bunch with a nefarious reputation, this guild is thought to be based in a hidden location somewhere on Polaris. The members are equally at home beating someone up, taking their money, or poisoning them with herbs.

Devotees of the Arcane - This guild is a more neutral aligned magical guild, who study a broad range of magical skills in their guildhouse in the Forests near to Tylorus on Polaris.

The Sorcerers of Light - A guild which focusses on more benign magics; The sorcerers can sometimes be aloof, but they never allow darkness to taint them. They teach a wide variety of magics, and are based in Aronsol, the magical capital of the world in the centre of Polaris.

The Artisan's Guild - A group that pride themselves on craftsmanship and high standards, the Artisan's primarily focus on the creation of armour and weaponry, using both physical forging techniques and more magical arts to embue special properties into them. They are based in the Dwarven city of Gralthar, on the continent of Occid.

The Mercenary's Guild - A place for anyone who wants to fight with a big club or hammer and serve whatever master offers up the most coin, the Mercenary's Guild is based on Orien, in the Cyclopean city of Olbaron, and teaches advanced unarmed combat techniques as well as how to use those clubs effectively.

The Demonic Knights - Named for their demon companions rather than being demons themselves, it isn't too uncommon for Demonic Knights to be Spawn, demonic descedants, as the guild is based in the Spawn capital of Szagan on Polaris. In addition to their summoning skills, the guild also teaches their members how to make and effectively wield swords.

The Enchanters of Shadow - Another guild of dark mages, the enchanters focus on corrupting the mind of their foes, though they are also known for making magical artifacts and using other magical disciplines too. Rumour has it that they are based in the Goblin city of Vagla, on Occid, though their tendrils stretch throughout the world.

The Thieves Guild - Also rumoured to be based in Vagla, or perhaps near it, the thieves have a reputation for illegal activity similar to the rogues; Though the thieves are known to be more subtle in their approaches, they can still stand up in a fight if needed.

The Warrior's Guild - This guild is home to most orcs who want to learn to wield a sword, being based in the Orcish capital of Ruk'tan, though they attract members from across the world due to their reputations as capable fighters.

The Alchemist's Guild - The guildhouse of the alchemists in Thul'Mar is known for its strange chemical smells, and the teachings of the guild primarily focus on their alchemical potions which give the guild its name - However they also teach other magical artificing skills as well.

The Bard's Guild - Another guild based in the Elven city of Tylorus, the Bards are known throughout Elysium for their magical tinged songs, which can inspire or demoralise a foe at the will of the singer. Alongside this, the guild also teaches its members performance skills which can be easily turned to combat or subterfuge, should the need arise.

The Rangers - Also based in the forests around Tylorus, the rangers have a similar outlook to the Forest Guardians, though they focus on more mundane arts and forestcraft - They are particularly known for their skills with bows, but they are equally at home with a sword, and can use the resources of the wilds to bolster their abilities.

You can read more about the guilds on the wiki page here and can start your journey to joining a guild in game by checking out the 'guildlist' command.