Elysium Mud

Elysium Command List

Movement, Your Surroundings and Actions

n,s,e,w,ne,nw,se,sw,up,down,in,out - Moving between locations.
enter (gateway) - enter something.
brief on - only shows room names and exits.
brief off - show full room descriptions (default).
follow (npc)/(player) - following an npc or a player.
lose - lose the person you are following.
lose (player) - try to stop (player) following you.
look - taking a look at your surroundings
wake - try to wake up when asleep.
sleep - try to fall asleep.
meditate - go into meditation to regain mana.
struggle - struggling out of binds
board (ship) - board a ship.
leave - leave the bridge of a ship.
enter tunnel - enter the tunnel when dead.
glance - lets you know the terrain type of your location.
claimant - find out who owns the land you tread on.
claim - claim unclaimed land.
unclaim land - release land from your ownership.
setalias (word) (command) - make it so that when you type (word) in
future, (command) is issued instead.
setalias (word) - remove that word from your set aliases.
aliases - list existing set aliases.
! - repeat last command typed in.
greet (npc) - attempt to start a conversation with an npc.

Item Manipulation

get (object)/all - taking objects on the floor within your location
examine (object)/(npc)/(person) - looking carefully at something.
drop (object)/all - drops an object onto the floor within your location
put (object) into (object) - attempts to put one object into another
get (object) from (object) - get an object from another object.
give (item) to (person) - gives an item to another within your location.
wield (item) in right/left hand - wielding an item in one of your hands.
unwield (item) - unwielding an item you are carrying.
drink from (object) - drinking liquids within an object
eat (object) - attempts to eat the object
empty (container) - empties a container of liquid.
pour (container) into (container) - pour the contents of one container
into another.
wear (object) - wearing clothing, armour and jewellery.
remove (object) - taking off a piece of clothing, armour or jewellery.
apply (herb) - rub a herb into your skin.
open (object) - open an object.
open door (direction) - opens a door in direction.
close (object) - close an object.
close door (direction) - clse a door in direction.
lock door (direction) - locks a door if you have the key.
unlock door (direction) - unlocks a door in direction.
mount (npc) - attempt to mount an npc.
dismount - climb off of the back of an npc you are riding.
wash - attempting to wash yourself in your surroundings
shave - attempts to shave using your currently right wielded item
skin (corpse) - skin the corpse of a long furred creature, for its
carve (corpse) - carve a corpse into a carcass, ready for storage.
batch (object) (quantity) - batch commodities on the floor into a
batch of commodities of size (quantity)
split (object) (num groups) - splits a batch of commodities into
(num groups) groups.
keydesc (id num of key) (description) - encarves a description into
a key.
write in book/(book id)' - start writing into a book you carry.
id here - list the id numbers of all objects on the floor in your
id inv - lists the id numbers of all objects in your inventory.


hit (npc)/(player) - hit out at someone or something with your hands.
swing (npc)/(player) - swing at someone or something with the weapon
wielded in your right hand.
*** Note: The majority of combat related commands are only available to
members of a guild, and so are not listed here.


say (message) - says (message) to all those in your location.
shout (message) - shouting things to everyone in Elysium.
tell (person) (message) or (person) (message)
- sending a message to someone, regardless of location.
emote (text) - displays '(your name) (text)' to all those in your
ems (text) - displays '(your name)'s (text)' to all those in your
wish (message) - make a wish to the gods.
pray (God) (message) - pray to a God.
ask oracle (message) - ask for help on a subject (newbies only).
languages - list the languages you know.
speak (language) - speak in a language you know of.
mail (player) - post a message to a player, costing 10 gold, whether
he is online or not.
checkmail - check for mail sent to you.
readmail (message num) - read a mail you have received.
deletemail (message num) - delete a message.
tell off - stop listening to tells.
tell on - start listening to tells (default).
tell ignore (player) - ignore tells from player.
tell listen (player) - listen to the tells of someone you once ignored.
tell ignore list - list those that you are ignoring.

Gaining Information About Yourself and Others

who - lists those currently within Elysium
status - gives information about your character
inven - lists everything you are carrying, wielding and wearing
skills - lists the skill groups you have ability in.
skills (skill) - lists what commands you know in that skill group.
quests - lists the quests you are currently on.
cwho - lists those online in your city.
owho - lists those online in your religious order.
gwho - lists those online in your guild.
fwho - lists the 10 most famous mortals online.
listcitizens - lists all members of your city, online or not.
ordermembers - lists all members of your order, online or not.
guildmembers - lists all memebers of your guild, online or not.
positions (city) - lists the Emperor and Ministers of a city.
time - estimate the time within Elysium.
diagnose - make a basic diagnosis of your condition.
guildlist - lists the guilds and guildheads within Elysium.
diplomatic status (city) - lists the feelings of that city towards
the other cities within Elysium.
relations - lists the feelings of all Elysium's cities towards you.
rwho - lists all those online that your city either hates or loves.
consider (player) - gives you an idea of how your skills compare to

Creature Loyalties, and Ordering Your Entourage

nickname (npc) as (nickname) - give a creature a nickname.
nickname (npc) as none - remove the nickname a creature has.
order (npc) as cowardly - orders npcs to run away when attacked.
order (npc) as passive - orders npcs to not attack unless attacked.
order (npc) as hostile - order npcs to attack anyone but yourself.
order (npc) as enemy (person)/(npc) - orders an npc to attack a
specific player or npc.
order (npc) as following (person) - order npc to follow a person.
order (npc) as following none - order npc to stop following.
order (npc) as protecting - order an npc to protect you.
entourage attack (player)/(npc) - orders your entourage to attack
a player or npc.
entourage passive - orders your entourage to be passive.

Learning and Teaching Abilities

study (player) - enter a session of study with a player.
stop - stops studying with someone.
teach (ability) from (skill) - teaches an ability from a skill to
someone you are studying with.
learn list (skill) - in the presence of your guildtutor npc, list
what abilities you can learn in the skill you specify.
learn (ability) from (skill) - learn an ability from a skill from
a guildtutur npc or a player.
forget (skill) - forget a skill, so that you might learn others.

Joining or Leaving a City, Guild or Order

join city - accept an invitation to join a city. (ask the Emperor of a
city if you wish to be offered an invitation)
join guild - accept an invitation to join a guild. (ask the guildhead of
a guild if you wish to be offered an invitation)
join order - accept an invitation to join a religious order. (ask the God
of a order if you wish to be offered an invitation)
leave city - leaves the city you are a citizen of, giving up cityrank.
leave guild - leaves your guild, giving up guildrank.
leave order - leaves your religious Order, angers the God you betrayed.

Grouping With Others In Combat

join group - join a group of adventurers if offered an invitation to
join a group.
group form - form a group of adventurers to lead.
group leave - leave the group you are in.
group members - list the members of your group.
group invite (player)/(npc) - invite a player or npc into your group.

Bulletin Board Commands

bb - enter the bulletin board.
check - lists the current status of the bulletin board.
next - goto the next message in the section you are reading.
previous - goto the previous message in the section you are reading.
post - post a message to the section you are reading.
read (message num) - reads a message in the section you are reading.
generalbb - switch to the General BB section.
newsbb - switch to the News BB section.
citybb - switch to the City BB section.
guildbb - switch to the Guild BB section.
orderbb - switch to the Order BB section.

Citizen Commands

vote cityrank (player) - give your vote to a citizen for cityrank
store (commodity) - store a commodity within your city's warehouse.
cwho - list those online in your city.
listcitizens - lists all members of your city, online or not.
cityenemy list - lists enemies of your city.
vote rebellion emperor/rebels - give your support to either the
Emperor or the rebel forces in a revolution.
start - start a revolution.

Government Commands

*** Ministries are: state, justice, war, trade, and unknown

treasury - lists the treasuries you have access to.
cdeposit (amount) - deposits money into your ministry's treasury.
cwithdraw (amount) - withdraw money from your ministry's treasury.
cwithdraw (amount) /city/royal - withdraw money from
another ministry.
cdeposit (amount) (ministry)/city/royal - deposit money into
another ministry.
tax (percentage) - set the tax rate.
appoint (person) (ministry)/none - appoints someone in your city as
Minister, or removes them.
citizen (player) - invites player to join your city.
uncitizen (player) - removes player as a citizen of your city.
stock - lists the city's warehouse stock.
store (commodity) - stores a commodity on the floor, into the warehouse.
retrieve (commodity) (amount) - retrieves (amount) of (commodity) from
the warehouse, and places it onto the floor.
prefix (player) (prefix) - gives a player a prefix.
suffix (player) (suffix) - gives a player a suffix.
assemble (number) (troop type) wearing (metal) - assembles a legion
wearing (metal) armour.
build (player) shop (direction) - builds a shop for a player, with the
stockroom being (direction). That stockroom must be an existing
build door (direction) - builds a door in that direction, within your
city. A key will be created and placed on the floor.
build lamp - build a lamp for a room inside your city buildings.
build security - build a security machine for your shops.
build sign - places a sign in your current city location.
write on sign - write onto a sign in your location.
wipe sign - wipes the sign in your location.
construct list - lists buildings available for construction.
construct (building) - builds a building in your current location.
declare (status) (city) - declares your city's feelings towards a city.
listarmy - list the army of your city.
listnavy - list the navy of your city.
promote (player) to (rank) - promote a army or navy member.
demote (player) to (rank) - demote a army of navy member.
decommission (player) - decomission a player from the army or navy.
recruit (player) into army/navy.
buildship caravel/merchantman/frigate/galleon/manowar - build a ship.
repair (ship id number) - make repairs to a damaged ship.
makebounty - make a bounty poster.
removeshop - remove a shop in your location.
removedoor (direction) - remove a door.
cityenemy add (player) - declares player as an enemy of your city.
cityenemy remove (player) - removes a player from your city's enemy
pardon (player) - Forget your city's bad feelings towards a player.
favour (player) - give a player your city's favour.
discount (percentage) - set a discount for the shops in your city for
those who are in your city's favour.
condemn (player) - condemn the actions of a player.
research status - shows the status of your city's current research.
research topic (research slot) (topic number) - start research on
a topic.
research funding (research slot) (weekly funding) - pour money into
a research topic.
research supply (topic) - supply a research program with the
materials it requires.
research list - list what is currently available to research.
research history - list what you have researched in the past.

Industry Commands or Related

Type the name of the industry to see the syntax.
Note: For warehouses, just type warehouse

swing tree - chop down a tree if carrying a woodcutter's axe.
pick fruit/seed - picks a fruit commodity or seed from a tree.
plant acorn/pine/apple/pear/cherry - plant a grove if you have the seed on
the ground.
plough - plough a plot, ready for planting.
sort (commodity) - attempt to get the seeds from a commodity, for
plant (commodity) - plants a plot to grow the commodity specified, if seeds
are on the floor.
harvest - harvest a plot.
change ownership (industry) to (player) - handover an industry to another.
industrylist - lists all the industries that you own.
industry maintainance - lists maintainance costs for all your industries
pay maintainanace (industry id number) (amount of gold) - add gold to your
industry's maintainance treasury.
upgrade industry - upgrade an industry in your location.

Guild Commands

gwho - lists online members of your guild.
guildmembers - lists guild members, whether they are online or not.
inguild (player) - offer a player an invitation to join your guild.
outguild (player) - throw a player from your guild.
nominate (guild member) - nominates someone to be entered into the
guildrank elections.
challenge guildhead - attempt to become guildhead of the guild by
starting a guildhead election.
vote guildhead (guild member) - vote for someone in the guildmaster
vote guildrank (guild member) - vote for someone in the guildrank
initiate (guild member) - promote someone from the probationary rank
to the second rank.
guildstatus - gives you information on your guild.
unpatron guild - removes the God patroning your guild.

Order Commands

owho - lists online members of your religious order.
ordermembers - lists members of your order, whether online or not.
assemble (amount) fanatics wearing (metal) - assembles a legion of religious
fanatics wearing (metal) armour.
privileges - list the powers that your patron has bestowed upon you.
orderranks - listing the Order ranks of the various religious orders.
ordertell (message) - tell a message to all in your Order.

Shop Ownership Commands

value here - lists all the prices set on objects on the floor.
value (object type) here - lists all objects, of object type, and their set
value (id) - find out about the price set on an individual item.
value inv - lists the prices set on objects in your inventory.
value set (object type) (price) - set the prices on all objects of type
(object type) on the floor.
value set (id number) (price) - set the price of a specific item on the
shop access add (player) - add a player to the list of those who your
security machine will not attack.
shop access list - list those who are not to be attacked by shop security.
shop access remove (player) - remove someone from the list of those not
attacked by the shop's defences.
change ownership shop to (player) - give a shop to another.

Ordering Troops

command (legion) - attempt to take command of a legion.
handover (legion) to (player) - give command of a legion to another.
battlelook - examines the current battle situation.
order (legion) to fire (direction) - orders a legion to fire missile weapons
in the direction specified.
order (legion) to charge (legion) at (direction) - orders a legion to charge
another legion in a direction (moves two locations for mounted units).
order (legion) to engage (legion) - orders a legion to begin attacking
another legion.
order (legion) to march (direction) - orders a legion to march in a direction.
order (legion) to flee (direction) - orders a legion to flee in a direction.

order (legion) to be hostile - orders a legion to attack archers and enemies
of their city.
order (legion) to be alert - orders a legion to attack archers, and ignore
city enemies.
order (legion) to be passive - orders a legion to ignore archers and city
order (legion) to capture (industry) - orders a legion to begin capturing
an industry.
order (legion) to capture land - orders a legion to begin conquering its
order (legion) to destroy guardtower - orders a legion to attempt to destroy
a guardtower.
order (legion) to destroy (industry) - orders a legion to attempt to destroy
an industry.
order (legion) to destroy (crystal) - orders a legion to destroy a crystal
on your land.
order (legion) to destroy door (direction) - orders a legion to remove a door.
order (legion) to form group of (number) - splits a legion into two, one group
of size (number) the other the remaining troops.
order (legion) to group with (legion) - order two legions to merge.
order (legion) to halt - orders a legion to stop taking industries, land and
order (legion) to board (ship) - orders a legion to board a ship.
order (legion) to leave ship - orders a legion to leave the bridge of a ship.

Ship Commands

checkwind - check the wind's direction.
*** The following commands work only onboard ships:
launch - launch a ship from the docks.
change ship name (name) - change the ship's name to (name)
change sail colour (colour) - change the sail's colour.
change sail symbol list - list the symbols available to put on the sails.
change sail symbol (symbol number) - change the symbol on your ship's sails.
change sail symbol colour (colour) - change the symbol's colour.
change figurehead (sex) (race) - change the figurehead of your ship.
change flag pirate/city - change the ship's flag between the jolly roger and
the ship's city's flag.
ship access add (player) - give player access to your ship.
ship access list - list those who can captain your ship.
ship access remove (player) - remove player from those who can captain your
ship status - gives you an overview of the ship's status.
view - survey your surroundings.
steer right/left - steer your ship to the left or right.
raise anchor - raise the ship's anchor.
raise sails - raise the ship's sails.
lower anchor - lower the ship's anchor.
lower sails - lower the ship's sails.
grapply port/starboard - attempt to grapple another ship.
ungrapple port/starboard - ungrapple yourself from a ship.
board port/starboard - board a ship you are grappled to.
telescope - gain information about nearby ships.
astrolabe - use the astrolabe to find your location.
cannons starboard/port - fire the ship's cannons.

Miscellaneous Commands

passwd (old password) (new password) - changing your password
prompt 1 - gives you the default prompt.
prompt 2 - whenever you get a prompt, you are also shown your health.
idea (message) - suggest an idea to be implemented in Elysium.
bug (message) - report a bug found in Elysium.
guide - summon a new guide.
ansi on - turn ANSI colour on.
ansi off - turn ANSI colour off.
email (address) - change your email address.
setdesc (description) - change your description to one which describes
your existing description in your words. Do not add clothing,
and do not expect yourself to gain the description you request
for at least a week.