The Professions of Elysium


Following is a list of the skills which your character may learn of during his time in Elysium. At most, your character can know of 6 of these skills at any one time. Some are available from the guilds of the land, whilst others require you to learn from NPCs who will charge you for their services...


Acrobatics is the skill of moving in a dextrous, agile manner. Many of its abilities are quite showy, but effective none the less.



Alchemy is the skill of brewing potions which have physiological affects on the body.



Channeling is the skill of manipulating and channeling natural magical energies. It has a wide range of applications, although it is mainly an offensive skill, with some offensive-defence abilities.



One skilled in crystals may, from a pouch of gemstones, shape one of many crystals which can be used to store psychic energy. These crystals then affect the environment which they are placed within.



Damnation is the skill of cursing people with mental afflications which can both disrupt and damage your foes. A person is given no warning of the curse unless they recognise the effects, and as such the person who cursed them may often go undetected.



With the skill of demonology, you can summon mighty demons from the planes of Hades to do tasks for you. As you rise in skill, the variety of demons you can summon will increase, as well as the number of demons you can control at any one time.



Ensorcelling is the art of binding magical charms into everyday objects. This skill makes many things possible for people who are either unskilled or otherwise normally unable to do something. Ensorcelling charms have a great many uses, including healing ailments and increasing the potency of weapons.



Farsight is the ability to craft crystal balls with which you can influence the events of a far away location.



Fellblades is the art of creating and manipulating magical swords, which can be much more effective than normal weapons when in the hands of a skilled user.



Fisticuffs is the art of fighting unarmed. It can be a very effective skill, and is useful even for those who prefer fighting with weapons, as you never know when you might find yourself disarmed.



Forging is the skill which allows you to take an inanimate block of metal and shape it into the weapon or armour of your dreams.



As a Herbalist, you are able to pick herbs without causing damage to them in the process. As you become more skilled in Herbalism, the number of herbs you may pick increases, as does the toxins you can extract from corpses.



Mentalism is the art of the mind - influencing people and things by sheer willpower alone.



A skilled necromancer can breathe life into dead flesh, and animate servants from the corpses of others to do their willing.



With the skill of riding, you can learn to pacify and mount the wildest of beasts in Elysium's countryside.



Subterfuge is the art of stealth and deception. A skilled user of subterfuge can move in circles previously unattainable, either by not being noticed or purely by fooling those around them.



Swordplay is the mainstay of knights and other warriors. Though its name suggests that it is purely for the use of swords, most abilities within this skill will improve your competency with any sharp edged weapon.



Thievery is a very useful, and despised, skill. Consistent use can either make you very rich, very unpopular, or in most cases, both.



Voodoo is the art of creating dolls from scraps of skin, which can then be used to affect the person they are made in the image of.


There are many other skills which you can learn in Elysium, including Archery, Astrology, Augnecromancy, Bludgeons, Dreamsight, Filidhism, Healing, Herding, Runesmithing, Shadowcraft and Songs. You can also learn higher skills which enhance your character and how well you use specific skills, and special abilities called attunings.