Olbaron; City of the Cyclops

A mysterious and often misunderstood race, the Cyclops have lived on the northeastern continent for as long as history can tell us. Throughout their existence they have played many parts in the tapestry of life, and have been farmers, slaves, guardians and warriors in different historical periods, their lives often influenced by the Hakarren, or in more recent times the Specters, whose centre of power was built near to the ancient Cyclops territory. Despite an outward strength and apparent lack of intelligence, many Cyclops are gentle and thoughtful people. However, more often than not it is the brutally powerful warlords who rise to power in the traditional capital, Olbaron, giving substance to the stereotype. In the past, many Cyclops have lived in the Hakarren cities which dotted their continent, but left to their own devices Cyclops' will usually migrate back to Olbaron.