Ruk'tan; City of the Orcs

Now a savage and proud people, the Orcs were once gentle, discovered by the Dwarves and accepted into the Dwarven Empire in ancient times. However, the simple nature of the Orcs meant that they lusted for battle, and stifled by Dwarven Law, forbidding them to fight amongst themselves, many left the empire and formed individual tribes. During the great Hakarren wars, their lands were split from those of the Dwarves, and the two races grew distant over time. Relations between the Orcs and most other races finally turned sour when the Orcs turned traitor on the 'Elysium Brotherhood' as it was on the path to victory. Ever since, the Orcs have been branded brutal savages. Orcs have always been a nomadic people, but have been known to band together in large settlements in times of need. Currently most Orcs inhabit the city of Ruk'tan, a crudely and quickly constructed port on the southern coast of the northwestern continent.